Governer’s Pardon In California

If you have been convicted of a crime in California in the past, you may want to get a Governor’s pardon. Residents apply for a pardon if they believe they were wrongly convicted, a law was applied incorrectly in their case, or their sentence was contrary to the interests of justice. In most cases, a governor’s pardon can be granted in California to give forgiveness to a person who has confessed their crime, done time, and convinced the governor that they have been rehabilitated.

Most people who apply for pardons in California have been out of prison for many years and have lived a law-abiding life since their incarceration. The most important reason for seeking a pardon is that a pardon will restore a person’s civil rights that were taken away when they were convicted of a felony in California. These rights include the right to serve on a jury, the right to own a firearm, relief from the duty to register as a sex offender, and the right to get a job as a county probation officer or as a state patrol agent.

The decision about whether to grant someone a pardon is discretionary and the standards that a person must meet to show that they have been rehabilitated are usually very high. The final decision about whether someone can be given a pardon rests with the Governor of California.

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Governors Pardon FAQ’s

Is there a State Fee To Apply For A Pardon in California?

No. There is no state fee to apply for a pardon in California.

Is It Easy To Apply To The Governor For a Pardon In California?

The pardon process in California requires several steps. First, a person must submit their application for a pardon directly to the Governor’s Office. The person must also send a “Notice of Intention to Apply for a Traditional Pardon” to the District Attorney of each county in which they have been convicted of a felony at least 10 days prior to filing their application for a pardon.

Is There Going To Be An Investigation Of Me If I Apply For a Pardon?

Yes. An investigation is usually conducted when someone applies for a pardon. This investigation is conducted to find out information about the person’s criminal history, the person’s rehabilitation efforts while they were incarcerated and after they were released, the person’s disciplinary record while they were in prison and on probation, and the reasons why the person is applying for a pardon.

How Can I Know What My Chances Are Of Being Granted A Pardon?

A person’s chances of being granted a pardon depend on the facts of their case. Usually, if a person committed a crime many years ago, the crime was a less serious offense and the person has a very compelling life story, they will have a greater chance of being granted a pardon in California.

How Can I Prove That I Have Been Rehabilitated?

You can prove that you have been rehabilitated by showing that you have led an honest and upright life and have exhibited a good moral character since you were released from prison.

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Choosing An Attorney To Submit Your Governers Pardon

The state of California has implemented tough criminal laws, and sometimes offenders are sentenced to prison for their crimes. Persons who have served time in prison and who have obeyed the laws in California during a rehabilitation period may apply for a pardon to have their civil rights restored At the Aizman Law Firm, our experienced criminal defense attorneys can help you with questions you might have about applying for a pardon in California. If you need to speak to an attorney about your case or about applying for a pardon, please call our office at: (818) 351-9555.

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