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As suggested by the name, the American Civil War was a series of battles fought in the United States between the years of 1861 and 1865. The war occured primarily in response to the desire of certain parts of the southern United States, typically referred to as the Confederacy, to secede-or withdraw-from the country. While the wish to secede likely developed to due a number of reasons, it is commonly believed to be primarily as a response to then-President Abraham Lincoln’s anti-slavery beliefs and attitudes. Despite years of intense, difficult battle, the Confederacy surrendered near the end of 1865. While many of the issues that are credited with the development of the Civil War were resolved in the Reconstruction Era, which followed this bloody period in history, other concerns remained unmanaged.

According to many historians, the American Civil War was one of the first industrial wars in history. In fact, many of the tools used to achieve success in the Civil War-including the telegraph, railroad, and steamship, had been previously untouched in regards to mass warfare. Unfortunately, the use of these products resulted in an untold loss of life over the short course of the Civil War. In fact, some estimates suggest that as many as 750,000-or around 10% to 30% of all men between the ages of 18 and 40 were killed over the course of this disastrous war.

There are a number of different historical institutes established around the United States devoted to the maintenance of artifacts from the American Civil War. While the exhibits shows at these museums often cover a variety of topics, shows that display information about women in the Civil War, types of medicine used in the treatment of injured soldiers, and the history of abolition appear to be especially popular. Many of these museums are operated on the federal level, which still others may be run by state or local officials.

High school students who are interested in learning more about the American Civil War may want to consult with military history experts or other professionals in the field. In addition, current military members may be able to provide some additional information to high school students about the events known as the American Civil War.

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