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With offices in Los Angeles, the Aizman Law firm is dedicated to providing the highest levels of legal representation in Southern California. Our team of three attorneys has over 25 years of criminal defense experience with over 10,000 cases of experience in DUI, shoplifting, domestic violence, drug cases, sex crimes, complex fraud, theft, assault & battery, murder and other criminal matters as both prosecutors and Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys.  As attorneys, we specialize in criminal law exclusively with the belief that this area of the law is quite complex and should only be handled by an attorney focused and experienced in criminal law.  As a prosecutor our founding attorney Diana Aizman was chosen to train police officers on how to testify in hearings and trials. Our experience provides us with the understanding and know how to be aggressive advocates for our clients.

Since the firm’s founding the criminal defense attorneys at Aizman Law Firm have established a reputation for excellence. The firm’s attorneys understand the sensitive nature of criminal law matters, and are dedicated to maintaining the privacy of a diverse clientele. We believe in putting our clients first with best in class customer service and surrounding them with a team of highly trained, experienced criminal lawyers. In recognition of their work, the firm’s attorneys have been honored by venerated legal organizations, including Superlawyers magazine, Pasadena magazine, Los Angeles Business Journal, and The National Association of Distinguished Counsel which has awarded the firm its top 1% of all Lawyers, signifying the highest standards of professional excellence.

We have consistently been chosen to provide legal analysis on national & celebrity news stories covering a range of criminal defense topics including the Aaron Hernandez murder trial, Oscar Pistorius murder trial, Bill Cosby rape allegations and numerous other cases for CNN, Fox News, HLN, Fox Business, Vice, Warner Brothers, & CBS. If you have been charged with a crime the Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys at the Aizman Law Firm can help you construct a case for defense,  make sure your legal rights are protected, be your counsel in the truest sense of the word by guiding you through the criminal justice system and acting as  your advocate in court.

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